Mission, Evangelism & Renewal



The Diocese of Ballarat is a community of disciples. It is made up of a number of communities of disciples. The Anglican Parish of Ararat is also a community of disciples of Jesus.


Communities of disciples should be, because of their baptism, engaged in 11 missions areas. These mission areas are youth, children’s ministry, stewardship, overseas missions, pastoral teams, worship teams, guild of transfiguration (training), spiritual teams, ethics and social responsibility teams, evangelism and ecumenism.


Youth Teams

The Youth Teams are responsible for developing and supporting initiatives both for and by young people in parishes and across the area covered by the deaneries.  These teams need to look beyond the traditional youth group ministry and too explore the needs and the talents of young people and how the wider Church might best engage with young people.  This ministry should be explored with all young people whether or not they go to church or are affiliated in any way with the church.


Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry teams have a responsibility of developing and supporting ministry to children in parishes and across the deanery.   They are to explore ways of helping children to come to know Christ, to assist parents and families in nurturing the faith of children and to assist children and families in participating fully in the life of the church family.  Even though a parish community may not have a functional children’s ministry, they still need to be looking at the needs of children in their area and how they might address these needs.



The Stewardship teams are responsible for initiating and supporting the work of stewardship in parishes and the deanery.  This includes the development of appropriate stewardship programmes, teaching materials and supporting the running of workshops.  They are not necessarily responsible for the actual running of stewardship training days or awareness days just for making sure that they facilitate those things in all church communities.


Overseas Missions

The Deanery Mission Teams are responsible for ensuring that Anglicans across the Deanery meet their responsibilities with regards to overseas mission, particularly the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea.  In this regard they should work closely in with the Diocesan Missionary Committee.  They need to look at educating our communities on mission, promoting ongoing prayer for missionaries and for the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea (ACPNG) and look at ways of establishing fruitful links between the diocese of Ballarat and communities in Papua New Guinea.  It is also their responsibility to promote the raising of funds for overseas mission. 


Pastoral Team

There are two parts to the mission of the Pastoral Team.  The team is responsible for initiating, encouraging and resourcing pastoral activities in faith communities across the deanery.  Pastoral activities are all of those endeavours undertaken by Anglicans that involve the practical application of the gospel command to love.  It includes things like parish visitation, pastoral care of the sick, working in institutions like schools, hospitals, old peoples homes, along with the care of the poor, the needy, the homeless. This group should also be looking at areas of concern in the communities.  This will vary from area to area but it will include things like, depression, alcohol abuse, marriage and divorce, domestic violence all those issues where human beings struggle and experience pain, suffering, and difficulties.  This does not mean that these teams become initiators in these areas it may well mean that they find ways of enabling the communities to tap into what is already available through federal and state resources and through the local government councils.  This is clearly an area in which there is an opportunity for the development of an active diocesan Anglicare movement.

The Pastoral Team is also the group which is also responsible, with the priest, for the day to day ministry and activities of the parish with regards to those who are worshipping Anglicans.   It is their task to help the priest in addressing the needs of active Anglicans to ensure that their spiritual and ecclesial needs are being met. 


Worship Teams

The worship teams are responsible for assisting all faith communities to worship God in appropriate and theologically sound ways.  In doing this they will help people understand better the liturgies of the church.  They will also help communities in a wide variety of formal and informal worship.  They will look at specific issues that relate to worship that may well link in with other teams.  This would include areas like youth liturgy, and worship with children.  These teams must always include the parish priest and the deanery level one, the deanery clergy.


The Guild of the Transfiguration

The Guild of the Transfiguration team or group is responsible for meeting the spiritual needs of all involved in lay ministry throughout the deanery as well as working on ways of helping lay ministers grow in their specific areas of ministry.  While much of this is done at a local deanery level these teams of necessity will link together to form a diocesan team which will help co-ordinate the needs of lay ministers across the diocese.  It is important that the deanery teams look at both areas -  the spiritual and practical.


The Spirituality Teams

The Spiritual Teams are responsible for helping Anglicans across the diocese grown in their personal and corporate lives with God.  They do this through resources, through training programmes and through the provision of teaching material on the whole area of Christian spirituality.  This needs to look at spirituality at all levels for individuals; adults, young people, and children as well as resourcing families in their attempts to have a prayer life and a spiritual life as a family.


The Ethics and Social Responsibility Teams

These teams are responsible for helping Christians across the communities of faith and the whole deanery explore issues of importance in the society in the light of the gospel.  This will include areas of importance in conservation, family life, community standards, as well as in areas that cut across  political considerations and the broader international situation.  It will also look at ways of exploring and helping Anglicans in areas of social responsibility (eg: assisting the diocese to address the needs of people affected by local disasters like bushfires, droughts and floods).  They would also help us to become involved in important campaigns on social needs to lead us in areas where the church needs to become involved.  It is also the group that will provide forums for issues of morality and ethics.



The Evangelism team is responsible for promoting and facilitating the ongoing renewal across the deanery.  They are the group, with the priest, which is responsible for developing areas of mission and outreach by the communities of faith. They should also assist parishes to move out into areas that are essentially “unchurched”, where people do not “know Christ” as well as to those who may have wandered from active involvement in Church life.   In many ways this is the group that provides the theological perspective from which all other groups operate.  This is the group which will help to provide a missionary focus to the whole of the parish community.



The Ecumenism Teams are responsible for helping the Church to move closer towards the fulfilment of the priestly prayer of Jesus that we “be one”.  They will help communities of faith to explore ways of living out our covenant commitment with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ballarat as well as promoting ecumenical involvement in all areas of Gospel living.  This is to be done in the light of Provincial and national church protocols.


These eleven areas can be broken down and placed under four major headings:

Service:     pastoral, ethics and social responsibility.
Outreach:    evangelism, youth, children.
Stewardship:     stewardship, ecumenism, overseas mission.
Proclamation, Celebration & Mystery (PCM):     worship, spirituality, Guild of the Transfiguration (training)


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